In a camp of children ( their age raging from 2 to 25) with their parents an older guy comes to me and my dad sitting in the terrace.

Can I sit here? he asks. I nod and stay quite. 

Shall we listen to some music? What groups do you like?

Oh, Placebo, James Blunt, Norah Jones, Kino…. I answer.

Kino. Yeah, their song’s are nice. Didn’t they come to our country a year or few ago?

I shrug and glance confused at my father, also a fan of the group, knowing that their lead singer’s dead for over twenty years.

Still, I have 83 songs on my Ipod. There will definetly be one you like. he says while starting some random song.

I nod thinking “Well, if it’s so, I have over 370 songs on my phone and that doesn’t mean there will be any you would like” 

A few years ago I used to share an ipod without a screen to see the name of the song with my mother. (For the record, her english skills at that time were really really poor.) We listened to quite diferent artists. For example, I had songs of Queen and Abba, she had Frida Kahlo’s and Tiger lillies’s.
One day while riding the bus home I absentmindedly let one of moms songs play on without skipping it like I usually do. After some time the crowd in the bus gets too loud to hear the music, so I turn the volume up and finally notice, that instead of ‘Master Baton, Jimmy’, the band had been singing ‘Masturbating Jimmy’ all along. I skip to the next song, it’s a ballad named “She’s a whore”. You can imagine the rest of the repertoire.
I get home, ask my mother if she knew what she had been listening to and translate the song on the spot afther a negative answer. I thouht the words in Tiger lillies songs were somehow dirty, that my mother was decieved both by the band and the friend who showed her their creations, cus she didn’t know the language. She just shugged and smiled as I voiced my opinion. ‘It’s sometimes really relaxing to not know everything. To listen and not understand, to not even try to do so.’ she said,’ And sometimes it’s just relaxing to listen to some dirty sounding songs.’










fun fact: If you separate the 4 and the 2 making them different numbers. Then translate them into Japanese  shi, and ni. Then put the words together, shini, it means death (shini-gami = god of death). So knowing that

The answer to the ultimate question… of life, the universe, and everything is…


That fact is not fun.

Well, the number 4 in Japanese can also be translated to Yon. So if we have the words Yon and Ni and then put them together, it is yonni, which translates to nothing (as far as i know) in Japanese, however, in Sanskrit, it means vagina. 

So therefore, the answer to the ultimate question….of life, the universe, and everything is…


Life comes from the vagina only to be later greeted by death.


i just hit myself in the face my phone

Not so fun fact: Douglas Adams actually states that 42 was a random number that he picked off the top of his head and had no hidden, deeper meanings.

It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one….I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought ‘42 will do’. I typed it out. End of story.” - Douglas Adams

That’s the beauty in it.